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Welcome to Luther College and the Computer Science Department! I welcome visitors. If you need to see me please consult my calendar for my office hours. If my office hours don't work, then email me with a time that will work but consult my calendar to see when I am free first. And, don't hesitate to just stop by. I am available most anytime I am not in class between 8:30 and 3:30pm. If needed, I am happy to schedule appointments outside my normal office hours.

office Olin 318
phone 563-387-2429

Interested in Learning to Program?

It's never too early to learn to program. My experience has shown me that students as early as elementary age can learn to program. They really enjoy it. But it's not too late to start in college or even after college either! Check out The Digital Age, a blog with tidbits and suggestions on how to become proficient at writing code, how to become better at programming if you are already a programmer, and reflections on navigating through life in the digital age!